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Birthday Countdown - The 12 Days of Parker!

Last year, we started a new birthday tradition that both the kids and I love! Leading up to their birthdays, we do the "12 days of the birthday kid" and each day, they get a little present.

Today I wanted to share what I'm giving Parker for her "12 days of Parker" this year!

Day 1: Cake Mix with Frosting and Sprinkles

This will be a fun one because I'm going to let her make the cake herself (which she'll love) and her sisters will be excited because everyone can help eat the cake! I'm just getting a confetti white cake mix, cream cheese frosting, and rainbow sprinkles from Walmart.

Day 2: A Scratch Art Kit

I love the Scratch Art Kits! It's actually what I usually give for friend birthday parties as well. I know Parker will be excited to get it, because we don't usually have these around.

Day 3: Candy

I always devote a couple of the days to treats and candy. I like to go to the dollar store and find some candy that I know they'd like. It's cheap and easy and the kids love it!

Day 4: Lip Gloss and a CTR Ring

My girls love getting "makeup" items like lip gloss and nail polish. I'm getting a couple different colors of nail polish from Walmart for a couple dollars. For lip gloss, I'm getting this pack of six and then I can give two to Parker now and save the others for her sisters' 12 days of birthday. For the CTR ring (CTR stands for Choose the Right), I got this pack with purple ones and am saving the others for her sisters' as well.

Day 5: Drawing Pads and Pens

My kids all love to draw, so special drawing pads and pens will be a big hit. I am going to get this set of drawing pads and give Parker one (I'll save the other one for another sibling later). I like these ones because of the spiral top. I'm pairing this with a set of sparkly gel pens from Walmart.

Day 6: Candy

Another candy day! I know Parker will be excited for treats.

Day 7: Sticker Book

My kids love sticker books! I've been wanting to get the girls this sticker book for a while now and I thought their birthday countdowns would be the perfect time to do so. It's a book that has different letter stickers that you can make different words out of. Not only will the girls think it's super fun, but it's also perfect as Parker and Rylee are learning to read right now.

Day 8: Drawing Book

This is another item I've had my eye on for a while. These drawing books are really cute and have some different options, so I can get a different one for her sisters' birthdays.

Day 9: Candy

Another candy day! My kids would be really disappointed if I didn't do at least a few of these.

Day 10: Nail Polish

My girls love nail polish and I know as soon as she opens this, she'll want me to paint her nails, so we get to spend that time together too!

Day 11: Twinkies

My kids love Twinkies, but we rarely get them (I mean, I think the last time we got them was two Christmases ago). I thought this year they would love to get a two-set of Twinkies to enjoy.

Day 12: Star Pillow

When Parker was younger, she had a pillow shaped like a star. She really wants one again, and so does her younger sister. I thought I could buy this three-pack of star pillows and give one to Parker and save the other two for Oliver and Rylee's birthday (I'll have to think of something else for Ashtyn).

I am excited to continue this tradition for my kids this year, starting with Parker! What are some of your favorite birthday traditions? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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