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Top 10 WINTER Read Alouds!

Updated: Feb 14

I love seasonal reading and I especially love snuggling up with my kids when it's cold outside with some nice books about cold weather and snow!

Today I am sharing our favorite read alouds that are perfect for winter.

The Mitten by Jan Brett

This is an adorable story about a boy who loses his mitten and different animals squeezing into it together. We love Jan Brett's stories and her artwork!

Additional winter reads by Jan Brett: The Three Snow Bears, The Hat, Trouble with Trolls

Snowmen at Night by Mark Buehner

This is a very well-known children's book for a reason. It is so fun to see all the things the author imagines snowmen might do while we're sleeping!

A Loud Winter's Nap by Katy Hudson

This is one of my favorite winter books! It's about a turtle who is just trying to find a place to take a nap for the winter, but other animals' winter activities keep getting in his way. In the end, he learns that winter can be fun too!

You Can Do It, Sam by Amy Hest

I love Amy Hest's writing style, it feels poetic in a way that makes it fun to read aloud. This is a story about Sam and his mom making treats to take to their friends one winter morning. It's a little different from some winter books because it isn't about doing outside winter activities, but it has a cozy, wintery feel to it.

Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester

Nothing says winter like penguins and tacky is our favorite penguin! This story is a fun one with a sweet message and it has some really fun sections to read aloud.

But No Elephants by Jerry Smath

Jerry Smath is one of my favorite children's book authors and this story is so cute! It is about a woman who keeps buying animals from someone selling pets but is adamant about not wanting elephants. When the elephant gets left with her for the winter, it seems like a trial but actually turns into a blessing. It's fun and lighthearted and both my kids and I love it.

Brave Irene by William Steig

Brave Irene is such a sweet story about a sweet little girl. Her mom gets sick and can't deliver a dress she's made to a Duchess. Irene braves a storm and does it for her mom, showing determination and bravery to do so.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

Another classic and for a reason. We've had this book since my first was tiny and I never get tired of reading it. It follows a boy as he goes on different adventures in the snow and is sweet and fun. And of course, Keats' artwork is amazing.

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Owl Moon is an amazing read for wintertime. It follows a girl and her dad while they go "owling" or searching for an owl on a winter night. The storytelling is excellent, leaving you wanting to know what they are doing and what is going to happen next.

A Little House Picture Book Treasury

This treasury has a lot of beautifully illustrated stories pulled from the Little House novels. The two we read every winter are Sugar Snow and Winter in the Big Woods. Both feature snow and cold prominently and I love the exposure to Little House it gives my kids from a young age. I also love the illustrations!

Seasonal reads can be so fun and I love these winter ones! What are some of your favorite winter reads with kids? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!

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