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Middle Grade March 2024!

Middle Grade March is one of my favorite readathons of the year! Read a middle grade book and you have participated! They also have a group read and some different prompts if you want to do more with it. You can find the announcement video here.

Today I wanted to share my TBR for the readathon:

Group Read

The Mona Lisa Vanishes by Nicholas Day

This is the group read for Middle Grade March and it sounds really fun! It's a narrative nonfiction about when the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1789. I've heard that it reads like fiction and is great as a pre-Paris read (we don't have current plans to travel there, but I would love to go someday).

A Book with a

One Word Title

Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan

I've heard a lot of good about this contemporary middle grade read. The main character Julia is short for her age, but spends the summer performing in The Wizard of Oz. As she does, she makes friends and has experiences that change the way she sees herself.

A Book with an

Animal on the Cover

Crossing the Pressure Line by Laura Anne Bird

This is a middle grade book about grief and dealing with the death of a loved one. I've heard so many good things about this coming-of-age story and am excited to feel all the feelings with it.

A Refugee Story

The Scourge by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Jennifer A. Neilsen has recently become one of my favorite authors! This is one of her earlier novels and I'm excited to go back and read some of her books that came out before I found her.

This middle grade fantasy follows a young girl who contracts a plague and is sent to a former prison turned refuge. She expects to live out a short, painful life due to the plague, but she quickly learns there is more to the plague and the society she lives in than meets the eye.

A Debut Novel

The Swifts by Beth Lincoln

The Swifts is a book I've had on my TBR for a long time. I've heard it's quirky and clever and just plain fun. I also love middle grade murder mysteries, so this is right up my alley!

Book You Missed Out On

City Spies by James Ponti

I kept meaning to read this book last year--I even checked it out from the library once, but life got away from me and I had to return it unread. I've heard so many fun things about this, though, and I love the idea of a middle grade spy book! It sounds like it has heist-like elements as well, which would be amazing!

I am very excited for middle grade march! I love to stack up my month with lots of middle grade reads in addition to the prompt reads. I'd love to hear what you are planning to read next month! Let me know in the comments below!

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