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Five Star Reads from March!

March was a fun reading month for me! I participated in Middle Grade March, which is always one of my favorites, and found some new favorite books. Today I wanted to share my favorite reads of the month! These are all books that I would highly recommend.

I read 25 books in March and 7,095 pages, for an average of 234 pages per book. I read 16 books written by a female author and 9 books written by a male author. 9 of the books I read were borrowed and 14 I owned, with 11 eBooks, 10 audiobooks, and 4 physical books. I reread 7 books and 18 were new reads. I read 17 middle grade books, 2 YA books, and 6 adult books. I read 4 new releases and read 4 books that were part of a series (I started 1 series and didn't finish any this month). I read 10 five star reads, 10 four star reads, 4 three star reads, 1 two star reads, and 0 one star reads (I usually DNF a book if it is a one star read level and I don't rate books I DNF).

And now for my 5 star reads:

Mr. Whiskers and the Shenanigan Sisters by Wendelin Van Draanen

Wendelin Van Draanen is one of my favorite authors and I was very excited to read this new release by her! I got the short audiobook from the library, listened to it in one sitting, and then immediately bought it on Audible to listen to with my girls. We listened to it on a road trip out to Thanksgiving Point and they loved it so much, they begged to listen to it again on the way home.

I loved the mystery side to it and watching the sisters (along with Mr. Whiskers) solve it. I also loved the silly humor (which even my five-year-old could appreciate) and the sweet ending. It was a great read that the whole family could enjoy together!

Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan

This coming-of-age middle grade is so sweet! It deals with grief over a dog who died, acceptance over your perceived flaws, and just growing up. There are sweet friendships set to the background of theater. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had my nine-year-old read it after me (she is in a theater class that she loves) and she also loved it, though she said the ending felt sad.

Nothing Else But Miracles by Kate Albus

This historical fiction was lovely! I really enjoyed A Place to Hang the Moon and liked this one even more. I loved the main character and her sibling relationships! I also loved the hidden hotel plotline and the other friendships that develop throughout the novel. There are alternately funny and precious moments throughout and the ending is sweet.

The Mona Lisa Vanishes by Nicholas Day

This was the group read for Middle Grade March and I was really excited when I found out as it's been on my TBR. It is a nonfiction look at the history of the Mona Lisa that reads almost like a fictional thriller. I found it fast paced and engaging, and I learned a lot that I didn't know before.

I think that it would be better for older middle grade, as I'm not sure how well younger kids would follow everything, but I think older kids will really enjoy it.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

This was my favorite book growing up and I still love it every time I read it! This month, I read it aloud to the kids at bedtime (we'd recently read Fairest, which takes place in the same world). I love sharing this favorite book with them and seeing them love it!

Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

I've been doing a reread of the Cosmere books this year and loving it so far. This is the final book of the original Mistborn trilogy and it is just so good. I don't know how such a perfect series exists.

I had such a great reading month, with lots of four and five star reads! I'd love to hear what you have been reading recently! What is a favorite book you've read lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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